Who Cares about Aluminum Foil?

What is in the middle of a tootsie pop? Oh no I meant to say aluminum foil? That’s right, I just asked that question, and not just aluminum foil but, also, we are going to be talking about  paper towels and saran wrap , toilet paper, scotch tape painters tape, masking tape, oh so many tapes, yarn holders, material holders and the list goes on.

Well, I think that we should start with aluminum foil. I want you to think about buying it, then bring it in the kitchen. You start to cook, and you remember that you need to line your cookie sheet with aluminum foil. So, you reach into the cabinet pull out your unopened roll of aluminum foil, open it and pull the size that you need cut and use it. You don’t even think about how it is coming out of this odd shaped tube box. Well let me fill you in, you have the box and on the inside, you have the foil and when that’s all gone you are left with a cardboard roll which are called Film cores indiana.

Next we have the saran wrap. You know the clear thin like plastic, which as soon as you take it out of your tube-shaped box it sticks to whatever is in its way, well that also has a film core inside it. Without that inner cardboard piece, it would not even roll out of the box, it would just be a big mess, all stuck together inside the tube-shaped box. Here is something to think about, saran wrapping a giant item oh I don’t know, such as a car. You can start at the front end, without the film cord you would have a really hard time wrapping such a big item. The saran wrap would not roll out properly onto the car. Just so you know this was done as a joke.

I want you to think of everything that comes on a cardboard roll, such as toilet paper. We are always going to need it right? I think that we can all agree on that. We all like how we have it hung up on the side of the toilet, right it just rolls right off of the roll when we need it.

Now we have come to something that we all use in our everyday life. Whether we are using it for work, like painting or masking tape. Yep that’s right, how are we able to paint in a straight line and not get the paint all over the floor or other part of the wall. And yes, this is also on a cardboard roll. If it wasn’t, we would sure have a hard time using it. Just think of it all smushed up in your hand. That also goes for scotch tape, duct tape  and all the other tapes out there.